Thursday, 16 November 2017

 Ladies if you love running and you love high heels this is for you. 

Today I saw a lady who loves to run and loves to wear high heels. This is a conundrum because when you wear heals you shorten your calf muscles and your Achilles' tendon and when you run you need these to be long and flexible.  calf strain 

So what to do ? Give up heels?Give up running ?It isn't my job to tell you what to do but to support you in what you choose to do so don't worry the answer isn't to give up either. 

So if you love running and you love to wear heels stretch. Join a class, go to the gym, anything but please ,please stretch. Pilates and yoga are excellent ways to work on tight muscles which can cause problems when running.  If you can make time to attend a regular class it will make a huge difference to your running. People who add a stretch based activity to their fitness routines are less likely to be injured and have a shorter recovery time. 

Basic warm up and cool down stretches should be part of your normal running routine. If not try to add them. Warm up and cool down with a calf ,quadriceps hamstring and ideally a gluteal stretch as a basic routine . This will help you by preparing you for exercise ,you are also more likely to stretch if you add it into an existing routine. 

Ask your Osteopath or personal trainer for ideas they will be happy to help. 

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