Keeping active :working from home

Training/Activity ideas for working at home
Unless you are able to leave home you are probably much less active than you are usually. In an average day at work you walk there and back go out for a walk at lunchtime. You may change rooms/buildings as well as any sports or activities. Non of this happens during home working. It is very easy to spend your whole time sitting and forget to do other things. If you include some activity in your plans it will help your concentration as well as keeping your energy levels high it will lift your mood. 

To prevent yourself being overcome with worry, it is important to structure your time so life still has a routine.
Why not write some lists of things you might try: books to read, box sets to watch, exercise you like to do, Games to playRecipes to tryNew skillsfriends who you don’t normally have time to talk to                                                 

Activities Download an interval app. It lets you set the time and number of reps. The free ver…

Working from home: Adapting for comfort

Working from home: Adapting for comfort

Tips for sitting comfortably at your desk are pretty easy to find, so I am not going to focus too much on that in this blog. However, one thing I will say is that you are aiming for a sitting position whereby everything is at right angles, your ankles, your knees, your hips, your elbows - see the Health and Safety Executive website for more information here (  Today, I would like to focus on the unique situation we continue to be in and how you can adapt whatever work setup you have to get yourself comfortable. 
Regular breaks
The best way to ensure day long comfort, wherever you are working, is to move regularly. Firstly, I encourage everyone to take their allocated breaks, to ensure that you get away from your screen, move your body and refuel. Additionally, I implore you to move a few times an hour, be that a trip to the bathroom, a visit to the kitchen to make a drink, or a walk to the window to ponder a workpla…

An insight into one patient’s experience of Covid-19.

Hi everyone.  
We recently heard from one of our lovely patients Nick, in response to a previous blog about some of the positives we’d noticed during lockdown. Unfortunately, Nick is one of the many who have caught Covid-19, spending ten days in bed with a temperature and fever. Thankfully, he has now recovered and is keen to share his experience of the virus, which he said was incomparable to seasonal flu, leaving zero doubt that you have caught it. Here it is, published with his permission…
“I absolutely agree that we should focus on the positives, and as somebody who caught the C-19 virus back in the middle of March, maybe I can add a fresh perspective. I knew when I got the virus, that it would be unpleasant, that I would be in bed for at least a week, and probably without any interest in food, books, the radio or the television. Living off water and paracetamol is also pretty boring. So what did I do to while away the time? Well I went through my life in decade by decade bite size…

A Few Weeks Later : Life in Lockdown

A Few Weeks Later : Life in Lockdown

Temporary Closure What a strange time this is for everyone. It is over three weeks since Glynis made the difficult decision to temporarily close our doors and we have all been adjusting to our new lives in lockdown ever since.  Although we aren’t in the clinic, we remain in touch with each other via email and WhatsApp. 
Appointments We are still able to offer telephone consultations, or video consultations. These have been popular especially the short 15 minute calls which we are offering free of charge. You can book both of these appointments online or by giving the practice a call.   How things have been I think we have all been feeling rather bombarded with bad news, and whilst we don’t want to make light of this horrible virus, especially given so many people are suffering in so many ways, we have been trying to focus on the positives. 

Here are Jane’s observations from her third week in lockdown
It’s good to work 

My dear Grampy Beazley worked for …

10 tips for sitting at your desk

Top Tips for Sitting Comfortably at Your DeskThis helpful blog post was written by Mary Monro, the latest Osteopath to join the team here at Eyre Place. Mary is an osteopath with 20 years experience. She is very experienced treating babies and children so if you need some support do get in touch.
Under current circumstances the team here at Eyre Place are unable to make face to face appointments. Instead we are offering video consultations and advice via email or phone. Book online at the website below. 

1.If you are using a laptop, use either a separate keyboard or a separate screen so that both your hands and your back are comfortable. Slumping over your hands to look at the laptop screen is agony for your upper back. 2. Make sure your hips are higher than your knees when you are sitting in your chair. It helps those joints and encourages your back into a better position. 3. Sit with your back against the back of your chair. Whether you have a special, ergonomically designed chair or a …

Protect Your Back When Digging in the Garden

Protect Your Back When Digging in the Garden Mary Shares some of her tips for working in the garden and staying pain free
It's the season to get out in the garden and start digging. You may not have done this type of activity for months so go gently and don't overdo it. You don't have to dig the entire bed in one go! This year it seems a particularly good idea to grow your own vegetables and, besides, fresh air and exercise is good for mind, body and spirit in these troubled times.