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Keeping active :working from home

Training/Activity ideas for working at home
Unless you are able to leave home you are probably much less active than you are usually. In an average day at work you walk there and back go out for a walk at lunchtime. You may change rooms/buildings as well as any sports or activities. Non of this happens during home working. It is very easy to spend your whole time sitting and forget to do other things. If you include some activity in your plans it will help your concentration as well as keeping your energy levels high it will lift your mood. 

To prevent yourself being overcome with worry, it is important to structure your time so life still has a routine.
Why not write some lists of things you might try: books to read, box sets to watch, exercise you like to do, Games to playRecipes to tryNew skillsfriends who you don’t normally have time to talk to                                                 

Activities Download an interval app. It lets you set the time and number of reps. The free ver…
Here is a list of 10 things to do, in no particular order, for anxiety reduction, comfort or to support the immune system in these challenging times. Remember that we all have an immune system to defend us. It starts at the skin, continues through the mucous membranes, via fever, stomach acid, our microbiome and ultimately to the production of antibodies. It works! Even if you are immunocompromised, many parts of your immune system are still intact or can be supported.Daily meditation to have a few minutes away from worried thoughts. There is an App called Insight TImer, which has 1000s of free guided meditations. My favourite teacher is Hugh Byrne. Great way to start the day! There is a new meditation on the App specifically to cope with Corona Virus anxiety, from a guy called Leo Max.Take vitamin C and multivits/minerals including zinc. It's worth having Echinacea and Virese (Monolaurin) in stock in case of illness. Cook with garlic, use coconut oil (a good natural source of ant…

Covid 19 closures and online consultations

Covid 19At this point in time we feel it’s the right thing to close for face to face appointments.  
As of Monday all appointments will be online or via the phone. This means that the practice is closed for face to face appointments but we can speak to you on phone or online. If you would like an appointment please book through the website appointments link on our website or you can call on 0131 557 2211.
Online consultation may includeQuestions on your current problem General health screening Advise on pain relief Checks on your movement  Demonstration and advise on  exercise  Demonstration and advise on self treatment  Recommendations to support your posture  Recommendations about boosting your immune systems and relaxation technique 
If you would like guidance on your exercises and stretches we are offering a video call option. Please check the website for appointment options and costs. We will work with you to help you feel  better.We hope that after your app…