Walking with children

Walking with children 
Give yourself permission to play (and exercise more )

As we get older we stop playing ,it's a sad truth many of us forget the joy of running along just for the joy of it not because we want to get something done in a hurry.Remember how you loved playing ? Here are a few suggestions to get you and your children moving playing and having fun together.

When walking together  pretend you are walking like animals.
Take turns and each of you suggest an animal,then you all walk like you think this creature would walk. Unless of course the animal goes very quickly and which case be prepared to run.
My favourite is a chimpanzee lots of opportunity to be silly and act out chimp like grooming if children or other grown ups don't join in or you can catch them. All animals work well but tigers, squirels, frogs,cats and dogs are a few to get you started. With young children it is a great way to distract them from the length of the walk. Beware of choosing creatures which may have to lie down especially with younger children who are more apt to get onto the ground .

Silly walks
Another of my favourite walking games is to choose a silly walk.The sillier the better. I like side steps and limping but my daughter preferred skipping and hopping. Neither of us were really ever in John Cleeses class of the ministry of silly walks but we had lots of fun inventing different combinations and getting each other to try them out . 

At the time when my daughter was a toddler both of these ideas would give me more of an aerobic workout than I would have otherwise.  They also made the journey home more pleasurable and gave us an occasional distraction on longer walks. 
I love walking running and being outside,I hope these ideas give you something fun to try on a family walk. 
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