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  Why I love being an osteopath ? There are so many possible answers to this.I love osteopathy because I like helping people, also I am nosey, it is a pleasure to hear about what people do at work and home. I enjoy hearing people's stories from the stiff neck from sitting in a draft on a first date to the calf strain that was kept at bay during a marathon. I love to have a good chat about anything from the day to day to world news.  One of the best aspects of Osteopathic practice is that I get to uncover why something has happened with my patients and come up with constructive things they can do in the future to prevent their injury happening again.This is true for all patients but I have a special interest in treating patients who present with chronic conditions or are suffering with persistent pain. Sometimes we can't change a presenting condition but by problem solving with patients, working through what might be able to change in their environment or behaviour the