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Fitness ideas

Happy February to you. I thought I would use my turn to write a blog to talk to you about my exercise regime, fitness and weight loss, and hopefully inspire some of you to either start exercising again, or to keep going. I didn’t struggle with my weight until I turned 31 and left work to retrain as an osteopath. I was exercising less, sitting more and comfort eating for the first time in my life. After five years of study, I found myself carrying an extra two stone of weight, which categorised me as ‘overweight’ according to BMI charts. I was so determined to get back to a normal healthy weight that I started dieting (weight watchers, calorie counting and the 5:2), none of which worked in the long term. So I made a new plan to make a long-term change for the sake of my health. Part one of my plan was to eat less sugar, so Monday to Thursday became treat free days (I do allow myself natural sugars such as dairy and fruit), and Friday to Sunday became eat what I fancy days.  Giv