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The institute of Osteopathy

A new role for Glynis with the institute of Osteopathy Glynis is applying for a role on the council of the institute of Osteopathy. Many of you have expressed your encouragement for her looking for new roles in osteopathy. We thought that you might like to see the statement I made to support my application. Statement  I am an advocate of osteopathic care and work hard to support my local and wider osteopathic community, regularly speaking with local stakeholders and community groups to promote osteopathy. I have been a member of the Scottish Osteopathic Society (SOS), a regional group that offers its members a sense of community, since graduating, and regularly attend the quality CPD days on offer, both to improve/refresh my knowledge and skill base, but also to form and maintain relationships with the wider osteopathic community in Scotland.  I routinely offer guidance and mentorship to my more junior associates,with a flair and passion that