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Sewing 5 ways to protect your back

Sewing 5 ways to protect your back I love to sew and have at different times made clothes, toys, embroidery, tapestry and quilting. This last one I started to use up my dress making scraps but it developed into a completely separate way to add to my fabric collection.  Working with fabric has been a great way for me to relax I find it is easy to forget my worries when I am working with fabric and colour. I am completely absorbed by the challenge at hand. I love to express my arty side. Sadly I rarely have time as a working parent to do these things now but know I will return to them in time. If these are new to you or you are experienced with needlework I am keen that you get as much out of doing these activities as possible.  Each of these things has a different challenge to complete some the small and intricate,other larger pieces involved more bending reaching and in the case of the finished quilt lifting. One thing I notice as an osteopath is that patients who are enjoying h