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Need more energy? Want to give your morale a boost ? Try introducing activities into the working day. Exercise helps us to be  motivated and gives our  concentration a boost.  Some things that you might try.  - Cycle or walk to work and home again.  Get off the bus a stop earlier than usual. An old one but it would add a few minutes of walking to your routine every day.  Take the stairs.   Short bursts of activity during the day build up over the week.Running ,walking or other activities during lunch time are a great way to give you a boost during the day. Has your work Place installed a fitness room ? Or maybe there is a gym close to where you work ?  - Go to Yoga or Pilates sessions at lunchtime, before or after work. Both are good ways to stretch and unwind if you are sitting a lot during the day.   - encourage colleagues to join a gym or go to a class together. Company means you are more likely to stay with a new routine. - organise/join lunchtime walking
Osteopathic leadership   One of my goals this year has been to work with other osteopaths and broaden the scope of my practice beyond the clinical setting. I was very pleased to be given a place on this years Osteopathic leadership course which started in London in June this year.  I was one of twenty Osteopaths who were selected to take part in the course. As a group we looked  at leadership styles and the way we can lead in our profession.We did this through e learning, personal study and working as part of a team on a group project. The people I met and had the pleasure of working with were very inspiring. Before the course began many of them had already begun projects which would benefit Osteopathic Practice in the U.K. There are in Scotland many advantages in terms of lifestyle but as osteopaths we also have a disadvantage professionally as there is a lot less on offer in the way of CPD and networking. I'm very pleased to be part of this innovative new project. 
Sitting  We were designed for movement, sitting all day without regularly moving can lead to stiffness and muscle fatigue.  What to do ? -   Above all create good habits  if you have time, take regular breaks, stand up, stretch and move around.  Keep hydrated  Stand while you are on the phone, it gives your voice a better sound as well as helping your back and neck to keep moving.  Try a sit fit .Not for everyone but these air filled cushions help to get you moving and engage your core muscles.  If you don't have time.Stand up and sit back down again every twenty minutes. You can keep typing or reading. The regular movement ensures that you don't over strain muscles and may prevent poor posture from developing. Each time you move you use your spinal muscles and gluteal muscles which ensures that they get a fresh blood supply and a new nerve impulse. You will increase your daily movement by about twenty this will leave you feeling more flexible at the end of