A Few Weeks Later : Life in Lockdown

A Few Weeks Later : Life in Lockdown

Temporary Closure 

What a strange time this is for everyone. It is over three weeks since Glynis made the difficult decision to temporarily close our doors and we have all been adjusting to our new lives in lockdown ever since.  Although we aren’t in the clinic, we remain in touch with each other via email and WhatsApp. 


We are still able to offer telephone consultations, or video consultations. These have been popular especially the short 15 minute calls which we are offering free of charge. You can book both of these appointments online or by giving the practice a call. 

 How things have been 

I think we have all been feeling rather bombarded with bad news, and whilst we don’t want to make light of this horrible virus, especially given so many people are suffering in so many ways, we have been trying to focus on the positives. 

Here are Jane’s observations from her third week in lockdown

It’s good to work 

My dear Grampy Beazley worked for over 50 years in the Great Western Railway. His obituary in 2001 had a line that I often reflect upon - “he belonged to the old school who believed that work was a privilege”. I’m ashamed to say that for all my working life, I’ve belonged to the school of thought that it would be a privilege not to work.
The two clinics that I work at have now temporarily closed, leaving me as a self-employed osteopath, unemployed. I love my job, I normally go home happier than I came in thanks to my lovely patients, but I still dream of winning the lottery and living the life to which I’ve always thought I was accustomed. Covid-19 has taught me that Grampy Beazley was correct; to work and to earn money is a privilege and being able to do so as an osteopath even more so.

 The extra time is a blessing 

Worried I would be bored, one of the first things I did was to make a list of urgent things that needed doing, and then ideas of things I could fill my days with. So far I’ve managed to clear my urgent list, catch up on the last year of my accounts, which are now ready to submit to HMRC, and lie to myself multiple times that next year I will do my accounts monthly. I’ve spring cleaned the entire flat, fixed a hole in the bathroom wall and
repainted a chest of drawers and bedside table. I’ve tidied and re-planted my balcony and sat out there several times with a cup of tea. I’ve also taken full advantage of the multitude of online dance classes (sorry downstairs) and tried to convince my better half Alastair to try ballroom dancing with me – still a no!  How does so much need to be done now that we have the time to do it?

I’ve really noticed my surroundings more

We are trying to alternate our daily exercise allowance between a walk, a run or a bike ride, and I’ve noticed that I am now so much more present and aware of the beauty in my environment. A few days ago, we walked along the Waters of Leith from the Modern Art Gallery to Stockbridge and I noticed so much more than I normally would, including views, architecture, and the sight and smell of wild garlic growing everywhere and beautiful pink blossoms coming into bloom.  The lack of freedom is definitely making me more appreciative.

 We are surrounded by nature

Yesterday I saw my first bumblebee of the year on our balcony, desperately searching for some elevenses. I’ve also noticed an increase in bird song, I assume because the city is so much quieter. The bush that surrounds The Village Hotel on Crew Road South is alive with the sound of birdsong; normally all I can hear as I walk past is the sound of busses. Even the dawn chorus seems louder than normal. Perhaps the birds are just happier now that we humans are locked away?

 I am using my phone less

 Normally I am glued to my phone, so much so that Alastair usually refers to it as my best friend. Whilst I am not a completely reformed character, because I have been in contact with friends and family more as we all check in with each other, I am definitely picking it up less in order to avoid all the bad news it likes to bring me. I’m hoping I can make it a permanent thing by getting in to the habit of picking up a book instead of my phone, especially at bedtime… hmmm, that is definitely work in progress.

Stay in touch  

We’d love to hear from you so do let us know if we can give you any self help advice or let us know your observations or positives you have taken out of the situation.

Best wishes.

The Team at Eyre Place 


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