An insight into one patient’s experience of Covid-19.

Hi everyone.  

We recently heard from one of our lovely patients Nick, in response to a previous blog about some of the positives we’d noticed during lockdown. Unfortunately, Nick is one of the many who have caught Covid-19, spending ten days in bed with a temperature and fever. Thankfully, he has now recovered and is keen to share his experience of the virus, which he said was incomparable to seasonal flu, leaving zero doubt that you have caught it. Here it is, published with his permission…

“I absolutely agree that we should focus on the positives, and as somebody who caught the C-19 virus back in the middle of March, maybe I can add a fresh perspective. I knew when I got the virus, that it would be unpleasant, that I would be in bed for at least a week, and probably without any interest in food, books, the radio or the television. Living off water and paracetamol is also pretty boring. So what did I do to while away the time? Well I went through my life in decade by decade bite sizes, trying to remember everything that had happened to me. Many times, which was half the point, I fell asleep, but always came back to where I had left off. I steered clear of the downs in my life to begin with, but then I realised that with the passage of time I could cope with these dispassionately, and in fact laugh at my youthful follies. It so happened that memories long forgotten came flooding back, and if I can locate one or two long lost pals I will attempt to do so. I would be lying if I said this entirely distracted me from my illness, but in one respect it tied in with it. You see the fever I had led to the most vivid dreams, all in quite glorious technicolor, bringing to life the characters in my recollections. The fever driven dreams themselves were extraordinary, rich in depth, and most of the characters involved were easily recognisable. Some faces were more obscure. For example, who were the two little girls constantly complaining about their uncomfortable bed, and it being too hot in their room? Eventually I tracked it back to a fishing holiday up by Loch Gairloch in 1976, when my sister, then aged 14, had to share a bed with a friend, and the two of them got up to all sorts of mischief, ending in the big double bed not being quite what it had been at the beginning of the holiday. Too hot in Scotland? Had to be the summer of 1976. The result of this experience? I have a more positive view of the past than before I fell ill. Every cloud does indeed have a silver lining”.

Thank you Nick for sharing your experience of Covid-19, your coping mechanism for ten boring days in bed and also for the sound advice not to underestimate the time it takes to recuperate afterwards, otherwise it “comes back for an encore”.

Stay safe everyone and we hope to see you soon.

Best wishes.

Eyre Place Osteopaths.


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