Headaches :Did you know one cause can be tension or strain in the muscles and joints of the neck and upper back?

Did you know the most common cause of headaches is tension or strain in the muscles and joints of the neck and upper back?

 It is something that I see again and again. People sitting on chairs that are too low or at desks that are too low. They hunch over and work away bending more as the day progresses. They are so industrious that they don't notice the pain build in their backs and necks.
Does this sound a familiar pattern to you?

 The tension headache

Treatment from an osteopath may help. Tension headaches are often helped by treating tight muscles of the neck and upper back. Sometimes we use manipulation to loosen the joints of the neck and back to relieve the build-up of muscular tension that may lead to headaches.

This is something we can do for ourselves too! Looking back over my past day or week what has lead me to have this headache now? When I ask myself this question I invariably answer, I haven't been drinking enough water and I have been doing some computer work without taking a break. These patterns are different for everyone. If you get headaches back or neck pain an osteopath might be able to help.

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