Is injury stopping your marathon training?

Training for a marathon is no easy task, especially if injury rears its ugly head.  

Knowing what to do to get to back on schedule is often difficult.  With the right advice, you can hopefully reduce injury time, any long term problems developing and possibly end up a little bit stronger.

Most commonly injuries occur through training errors such as running too fast too soon or too long too early. With the usual areas being the foot, ankle and knee. Inflammation of various tissues around these joints is most often the cause of the pain.  Hot spots are often a combination of minor faults in running technique, poor footwear, muscular imbalances or previous injuries.

Osteopaths are trained in diagnosis and enjoy finding what the problems are and the reasons why you are affected. Through assessment of your muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints and of course your story we can treat you. We will work out a plan with you to get you back running as soon as possible.

Osteopaths use a combination of therapies in conjunction with Osteo techniques, including therapeutic taping (Kinesio Tape), needling, cranio-sacral therapy and exercise prescription.

Don’t let injury stop you achieving your goal, there are many ways to maintain fitness and build strength even if you can’t physically get the miles in.  Body conditioning and muscular endurance training can keep you in great condition and will help you get healthy quickly and improve your recovery time post marathon.


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