Covid 19 closures and online consultations

Covid 19

At this point in time we feel it’s the right thing to close for face to face appointments.  

As of Monday all appointments will be online or via the phone. This means that the practice is closed for face to face appointments but we can speak to you on phone or online. If you would like an appointment please book through the website appointments link on our website or you can call on 0131 557 2211.

 Online consultation may include

Questions on your current problem
General health screening
Advise on pain relief
Checks on your movement 
Demonstration and advise on  exercise 
Demonstration and advise on self treatment 
Recommendations to support your posture 
Recommendations about boosting your immune systems and relaxation technique 

If you would like guidance on your exercises and stretches we are offering a video call option. Please check the website for appointment options and costs.
We will work with you to help you feel  better.We hope that after your appointment you will have tools to help you in to the following week. 

We can also send you a link with rehab my patient to recap on the things that we have covered. 

Looking forward to seeing you online. If you use Twitter,Facebook or instagram follow us at Facebook 
Twitter  glynisfox@23eyreplace 

Glynis and the team at Eyre Place

 To our existing patients 

We would like to thank you all, for the massive amount of support you’ve given and continue to give us. There’s not much more we can say that hasn’t already been said by others. We will open our doors again as soon as possible and will keep you informed.  Please support our community through these difficult times by looking after yourselves and others and PLEASE follow the govt guidelines.  We look forward to seeing you again soon. 

The team at Eyre Place 


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