Here is a list of 10 things to do, in no particular order, for anxiety reduction, comfort or to support yourself during these challenging times

  1. Remember that we all have an immune system to defend us. It starts at the skin, continues through the mucous membranes, via fever, stomach acid, our microbiome and ultimately to the production of antibodies. It works! Even if you are immunocompromised, many parts of your immune system are still intact or can be supported.
  2. Daily meditation to have a few minutes away from worried thoughts. There is an App called Insight TImer, which has 1000s of free guided meditations. My favourite teacher is Hugh Byrne. Great way to start the day! There is a new meditation on the App specifically to cope with Corona Virus anxiety, from a guy called Leo Max.
  3. Take vitamin C and multivits/minerals including zinc. It's worth having Echinacea and Virese (Monolaurin) in stock in case of illness. Cook with garlic, use coconut oil (a good natural source of anti-viral Monolaurin) and eat plenty of fruit and veg.
  4. Use Tea Tree Essential Oil as a vapour (burner with tealight, few drops of the oil in some water, light the candle for 15-30 mins - see pic below) as a cleansing air freshener.
  5. Cleaning, vacuuming and even dusting regularly, but you can't get to all surfaces, hence the Tea Tree oil. 
  6. Wash hands before you go out and immediately on return, plus frequent handwashing when out. Avoid using public transport. Trying to touch face less and wash face after outings.
  7. Social distancing - no hugs, kisses, handshakes. Minimise your social circle - there's always the phone or a letter.
  8. Chocolate. Need I say more?
  9. If you don't have a dog borrow one to cuddle and take for walks. It’s very therapeutic.
  10. Grow vegetables if you have a garden, or some salad leaves and herbs in a window box if you don't have any outside space.


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