Need more energy? Want to give your morale a boost ?

Try introducing activities into the working day. Exercise helps us to be  motivated and gives our  concentration a boost. 
Some things that you might try. 

- Cycle or walk to work and home again. 
  • Get off the bus a stop earlier than usual. An old one but it would add a few minutes of walking to your routine every day. 
  • Take the stairs.  
  • Short bursts of activity during the day build up over the week.Running ,walking or other activities during lunch time are a great way to give you a boost during the day. Has your work Place installed a fitness room ? Or maybe there is a gym close to where you work ? 

- Go to Yoga or Pilates sessions at lunchtime, before or after work. Both are good ways to stretch and unwind if you are sitting a lot during the day. 

 - encourage colleagues to join a gym or go to a class together. Company means you are more likely to stay with a new routine.
- organise/join lunchtime walking and running groups. 

  • Hold a pedometer challenge 
  • Throw a soft ball around an open plan office 
  • More ideas


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